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Updates on the camping sites for the Comanche Nation Fair:

Thursday September 29th,2022 Camp Registration will be in Watchetaker Hall From 8am- 5 pm. After Thursday, we will be in the Fire Department bay or at the Police station. For the land run on Thursday no one is allowed to stake their spot or set up camp prior to registration. 
Camp Registration Information
• Camp sites cannot be reserved, first come first serve
• Any camp site that is staked before the land run on Thursday will be taken down, no exceptions
• Three parking passes are permitted for each camp site, if there is overcrowding parking at camp sites we will kindly ask them to make other arrangements
• Vehicle Tag information is required
• Current and up to date phone number
• RV’s with generators will need to set up around Food Distribution, preferably on the northeast side
• There is no guarantee that there are available sources for electricity
• Pets are permitted as long as they are not causing a disturbance or being aggressive to the public or other animals
• Camp fires are permitted as long as they are not left unattended and/or not a danger to other campers
• There is no curfew as long as there are no complaints or disturbances 
• No firearms are permitted on the complex grounds
• Medical marijuana is not allowed on Federal Land
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