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2022-2023 Comanche Nation princess & jr princess

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2022 - 2023

Comanche Nation Princess

Michelle Nevaquaya

Michelle is the 18-year-old daughter of Audrey and U.S. Army Combat Veteran Baliente Herrera, and Calvert Nevaquaya. She is a Senior at Elgin High School. She has two sisters, USAF Airman First Class Alyssa Nevaquaya and OSU Cowboy Kaylene Nevaquaya, and one brother Oklahoma Army National Guardsman Aaron Nevaquaya. Michelle was accepted into the Oklahoma State University Architecture (BAR) College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology for the Fall 2022 semester.

Her maternal grandparents are Glennetta Whitefeather and the late “Brownie” Jess Cizek. Her maternal great grandparents were the late Marie (Yellowfish) Parton, Melvin Whitefeather, Lucille (Otipoby) Cizek and Mack Cizek. Her maternal descendancy she comes from Attacapap, Paqueohawpith (Yellowfish), Tasaw, Tischecoddy, Otipoby, Kerpahquechi (Comanche Jim), and Chief Toshaway (Silver Brooch). Her maternal bands are the Penatuhka, Nokoni, and Yamparkia.

Her paternal grandparents were the late Doc Tate Nevaquaya and Charlotte (Foraker) Nevaquaya. Her paternal great grandparents were the late Victoria (Weryackwe) Nevaquaya and Lean Nevaquaya. Her paternal descendency she comes from Chief Horseback and Chief Wildhorse. Her paternal bands are the Penatuhka and Kwahadi.

Current activities and achievements:

  • Class Officer Vice President 2022

  • National Honor Society

  • Student Council Representative

  • Clubs of active membership: Multicultural, Key, Native American, and Drama

  • Golf team

  • Choir

  • FFA Agricultural Sales team

  • National Security Language Initiative for Youth program with the focus on the Arabic language & culture

  • 4.0 GPA

  • Senior Class Homecoming Candidate 2022 representing the Golf team



Past activities and achievements:

  • Comanche Nation Junior Princess 2016-2017

  • Class Officer Vice President 2018-2021

  • National Junior Honor Society

  • Student Council Representative

  • Clubs of active membership: Multicultural, Key, and Native American

  • Sports: Golf and Basketball

  • Youth member of the Petarsy Indian Methodist Church

  • 3.8 GPA

  • Perfect Attendance

  • Filmed in the AMC “The Son” (TV series 2017-2018)

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2022 - 2023

Comanche Nation Jr. Princess

Jaylene Bluesky Tosee

Haa Maruaweka.


My name is Jaylene Bluesky Tosee; I am a candidate for the 2022 Comanche Nation Jr Princess.


I am the 14 year old daughter of Donald J. Tosee II and Tarah Nelson. My grandparents are Lynn & Curtis Munoz and “the late” Donald J. Tosee I. My paternal great grandparents are “the late” Andrew B. and Eunice (Sovo) Tosee, Thomascina Tsoodle Leader and Leslie Gachot. My paternal Great-great grandparents are “the late” Ione Nipker & Moque Tosee, “the late” Ernest & Sallie (Nahsequas) Sovo, “the late” Oscar & Hattie Tsoodle and “the late” Louis & Lola Gachot.


I am a descendant of Big Lookingglass (Comanche), Chief Ten Bears (Comanche), Sliver Broach (Comanche), Ten Bears (Comanche), Tenavuaka (Comanche), Red Teepee (Kiowa), Chief Stephenson (Wichita).


I come from the Comanche bands Yamparika (Root Eaters) and Penateka (Honey Eaters).


I am an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation and my Comanche name is Wu-mutsia-kot Nahuu (Sharp Knife). I was named by my Taa kah, Morgan Tosee Sr. because at a young age I began carrying a knife and have become a skilled hunter and can butcher.


I am also of Kiowa, Wichita, Southern Paiute and Tewa descent.


I have been raised to know and respect our Comanche ways, especially our dances, Native American Church, and horse culture. I carry on my family’s horsemanship traditions by participating in parades and rodeos with my horse named Donkey.


I have served as the N8V Generation Princess from 2017-2022. N8V Generation is an inter-tribal youth organization that promotes cultural ways to prevent drug and alcohol addiction.


I also participate in our Tu-wee Society dances with my Tosee and Sovo families. I have been dancing in the arena since I was a toddler.


At a young age, I attended Princess Bootcamp and still strive to carry out what I was taught.


My Tosee and Sovo families have a great history of Comanche Princess royalty. It has always been a dream of mine to follow in that way. If I am elected to represent our Comanche people, I pledge to do my best to serve as a positive role model for the younger generations.


In addition to my Indigenous upbringing, I am an 8th grader at Elgin Middle School where I am active in the FFA-Ag program and I am also a member of the middle school wrestling team. I have been volunteering for the past three years at the Southwest Veterinary Clinic; working with large animals such as cattle and horses. I also enjoy collecting items to give out while going with my dad to feed area homeless and the less fortunate. I give support to Narok County Peace Association for overseas missions that assist young at-risk girls in the Kenya, Africa area.


My hobbies include painting, crafting, hunting and fishing, riding my horse, camping out, and hanging out with all my family.


My family and I are honored to represent our Comanche people as the Jr. Princess.

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