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Hello, my name is McKenzi Denese Sovo. I am the current reigning Comanche Nation Princess 2023-2024. I am 18 years old and live in Lawton, OK.  I am an enrolled Comanche Nation member and a descendant of the Cheyenne Tribe.  My parents are Kevin “Bubba” Sovo and DeAnn Nibbs LeBeau.  My paternal grandparents are the late June Sovo and Sharon Reed Kolzen.  My paternal great-grandparents are the Late Milton Sovo Sr. and the late Marjorie Tahquechie Sovo.  My late great-grandfather Milton Sovo Sr's parents, were the late Ernest Sovo and the late Sally Cautsa Nahsaquah Sovo.  My late great-grandmother, Marjorie Tahquechie Sovo's parents, are the late Rev. Norton Tahquechie and the late Margaret Tahquechie. On my Sovo family side, the bands I belong to are Ohnanah, Pinahthukah, Kuhtsutuuka, and Yapatuuka.  


My maternal grandparents are the late Reginald “Geto” Nibbs and Brenda Tonips Nibbs.  My maternal great-grandparents are the late Wisdom Nibbs Sr. and the late Lucy Twins Nibbs.  My Nibbs family side belongs to: The Bow String Society.  My maternal great-grandparents are the late Arthur Tonips and the late Mae Pesewonit Youngman.  My late great-grandfather, Arthur Tonips's parents, are the late William Tonips and the late Mo-ho-co.  My late great-grandmother, Mae Pesewonit's parents, are the late Donald Big Cow and the late Nah-nu-mer.  On my Pesewonit side, the band I belong to is Yapatuuka. 


I want to welcome everyone to the 30th Annual Comanche Nation Fair! The theme this year is “Spirit of the Buffalo Rising.” I hope everyone has a wonderful time during the fair, with more than 19 events, including Food, Powwow, and camping.  It is an honor for me to serve as the ambassador for our great Comanche Nation and be a part of this powwow that has been going on for 30 years! I ask for traveling mercies for all coming near and far to celebrate!  May God Bless each and every one of you…Ura!   



Haa Marúaweeka! 


Vivien Michelle Parker is a 16-year-old sophomore at Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City. She is the current reigning Comanche Nation Jr Princess 2023-2024.

Her maternal descendency comes from the Quahadi (Antelope-Eaters) and Noconi (Wanderers, or Travellers), a descendant of Chief Quanah Parker (Comanche), Chief Mow way (Comanche), Chief Whitewolf (Comanche), Chief Iron Jacket (Comanche)

Vivien is the daughter of Jennifer Parker, granddaughter of Richard and Nicole Alice Parker Sr. Her maternal great-grandparents were the late Peggy Jean Parker Wahlenberg (Comanche) and Gerald & Barbara Green (Kickapoo tribe of Ks and Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation).  


Since Vivien was crowned as the Comanche Nation Jr Princess on April 2, 2023, she attended a whirlwind of events to represent the Comanche Nation.  She attended a private event to represent not only the Comanche Nation but the Quanah Parker descendant at Ft Sill, where a collection of the Comanche artifacts were on display for viewing. Some of those items were belongings of Baldwin Parker Sr and Quanah Parker.  She went to Fort Duchesne with the Shoshone Reunion Committee this past June and was in several parades, Pow-wows, and Banquets to show her support and represent the Comanche Nation.


Vivien wants to Welcome everyone to the Comanche Nation Fair 2023. She hopes everyone enjoys their time at the fair with all the activities the Comanche Nation has. She asks for traveling mercies for everyone. 

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